Electron Octatrack

The Octatrack is a device which you will love for his sound quality and possibilities and hate for his user interface. The learning curve is very steep. Somehow the device doesn't know what it wants to be.

  • It isn't a synthesizer. You can use waveforms and play them pitched up and down, but this does only work over two octaves.
  • It isn't a drum sampler. You can only play 8 drums at the same time and then all tracks ar used up. You can assign a new drum sample to every step, but then every new sample will cut the other.
  • It isn't for extreme mangling of sounds. The effects, although in very good quality, are not extreme enough.

I would buy this thing again if I have everything else. If I have a decent drum sampler / synthesizer, a bass synth, some synths for pads and effects and so on. Then I could go and record all these loops with the octatrack and have them in one device. 

The Octatrack Weekend 1

As I said, the Octatrack is perfect for altering loops. So I played around with "Sabrina  - Boys (Summertime Love)" and Dunes "Hardcore Vibes".

Download the file

The Octatrack Weekend 2

Again, loops. This time "Kyrie" from Mr. Mister.

Download the file

The Octatrack Weekend 3

Monkeyboy is doing Loops, loops, loops.

Download the file

David Banner

This time no loopy-remixy-stuff.

Korg Electribe 2

I hate this thing. First, I waited 9 months for it to arrive. What came out was disappointing.

  • Yes, the sound quality is decent and you get 16 channels without any restrictions of mono or stereo.
  • A lot of the hands-on features of the ESX/EMX like AD and routing was hidden in the menu structure.
  • There were nearly no improvements regarding the AD
  • If you need reverb, you have to use the Main EFX. If you do this, you have nothing more for effects left.
  • Ugly UI! The OT allowed to copy the steps 1-16 to 17-32, for instance. No way with the ESX. No left-right shifting. No Up-Down Pitching.

At the moment it looks like no-one cares about this device. There are no firmware updates, the last only came out to block the swap between Sampler and Not-Sampler. I should have sold this device and not the OT.

Korg Radias

I dreamt of this device since I saw the first test. The dreaming did stop when I read the price. I bought one used. It ist a nice synthesizer, very complex, but at the moment nothing you could not do more conviniently with an VST. Sold it, did not miss it.


Every now and then I think of buying Synplant from SonicCharge. It's not that expensive for an VST and has a nice UI. You basically grow a flower instead of designing a sound.