Sidepanels for Behringer Synthesizer Modules


I made these panels mainly to set up my Wasp behind my Pro-1. This was the reason for the yellow color.

After a while I found out that they can be used to raise the synthesizers a bit if they are positioned behind sequencers like the MPC or the Beatstep Pro. And I tried other colors.

As a result these side panels are available in five colors:

  • Black
  • Dark Brown (Walnut)
  • Light Brown (Teak)
  • Yellow
  • Transparend

The panels are cut from birch plywood. I stain them with a water-based stain and treat them with an oil-wax-mixture. They are 5mm thick and 19mm in height. On the bottom are inserts of foam rubber, which prevent the synthesizer to slide away while being used. All manufacturing is done in germany.

Where to buy

I have a shop on Etsy where you can buy the sidepanels.

More Pictures